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One of Three!!!

About a month ago we had a visit from an Angel. Well, that is the name of the company that builds it, Angel Aircraft Corp, and the plane they build is simply called The Angel. It has been designed from the ground up to be used as a mission plane or bush type plane. It's only real drawback being that it has piston engines (like your car or lawnmower) that run on gas (well, aviation gasoline) and does not have turbine engines that runs on jet fuel. Avgas is harder to get and much more expensive than Jet-A in most developing countries. The one that you see pictured here is literally one of three in the world! So it is pretty unique.

This is a non-mission plane, meaning that it is privately owned and not used for missions. Although MMS does do non-mission aircraft work from time to time we didn't do anything to this one beside offer a place for it to have an annual inspection done by the owners friend and trusted mechanic who is a local. The owner flies the plane from Europe (Yeah, the other side of the Atlantic!) and visits family in Florida and brings the plane up to Ohio for it's annual inspection. The owner is a real nice guy, but doesn't know Salvation in Christ. It was neat to see that these guys come and use our hangar. I hope they see that we are a "little" different in that we are Christians with a Hope and a future that extends the boundaries of this lifetime.

One thing I that came to mind as I looked at this plane was "Wow! One of Three! That's pretty cool!" Then something else came to mind that I'm sure was the Holy Spirit with His still small voice that said "You are one of a kind, one of one!" We are all one of a kind, each of us! Each crafted and created in His image! Each of us different, special and unique! Each of us having been made for a purpose! You reading this right now... you are one of a kind! So unique and so special!

Planes are neat, but they are just a means to an end. We work on planes so that they can be used to help reach people with God's Love and Forgiveness. Planes are neat, but it's people that count!

Thank you to those of you who pray for and support us. Your work in sending us is crucial!
Thanks for this wild ride!

(Below are a few more photo's of the Angel for the airplane nuts out there!)

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  1. So cool! Thanks for sharing. I feel so special!