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Cayton's Summer -- In a nutshell

This summer I had the privilege of coordinating, creating, and capturing both of my sisters' weddings with my mother and my dear friend Annie. This summer has just flown by! For June and July I was  in California helping my family and having a grande adventure, I got to hang out with supporters and plan and photograph my sisters weddings! Now, I do have to say that Jake was a champion during this time, if you prayed for him while I was in CA we both really appreciate it! He flew out to California for each wedding but could not stay for very long each time due to his apprenticeship work schedule. 

The way it worked out was that my sister Sydney got married on June 12th and my other sister Madison got married on July 17th so it was a crafting filled month or so loaded with lots of excitement, girl movies and hot glue. This summer was one of the best I've ever had. The only reason it wasn't the very best was because Jake couldn't be their with me the entire time, we talked everyday on the phone but lets face it that's just not the same!

Below are a bunch of pictures from the two weddings for you to enjoy...beware there are a LOT of pictures!! (The picture quality is not the greatest since I made the files smaller for the blog.) Enjoy!


Dad did Syd's makeup! Along with many other talents
my dad is a make-up artist!!

 Sydney and Sam chose to see each other before the
wedding so that they could get some great portraits.

Syd and I made her hair bow together- it was a great
sister moment!

I made Syd's bouquet for her out of buttons I had
collected from Coshocton and Amish Country.

 Syd's dress was very unique and fit her style perfect!


Sam was a trooper and was proud to wear such an 
amazing bow tie! Work it Sam!

The bridesmaids carried in these handmade (by Syd)
terrariums instead of bouquets.

As you can see it was hard for me to make it into shots, 
but a few pictures down you'll see me!

 What a strapping group of dudes!!

I'm in this picture!! Can you find me?

 Sydney and Sam got married at the beautiful 
TBS Ranch in Palo Cedro, CA

 My Dad also married them!!

Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. Malain!!

If that wasn't enough pictures of Sam and Sydney's wedding feel free to check out my website by following this link and you can see even more there!!



 Beautiful details, I love this type of shot.

Madi's bouquet was in a hand beaded purse that was
made by my great aunt.

 Their wedding was done in our good friend Ann Dahl's backyard. 
Ann did all the flower arrangements as well!

 Fan programs that matched Madi's invitations.

 Monogrammed water bottles!! YAY!!!

 Watching the guest arrive.

 Dad married Madi and Stephen too!

 Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. Kline!!

This is one of my favorite pictures because of the amount of
things going on in the frame!

Poppy sharing about Madi and Stephen and love.

 I'm in this one too!

 Mom, Stephen, Madi, Dad

Mom and I made each tissue/napkin flower for this sign.

I loved doing Madi and Stephen's portraits at the stunning
Hotel Los Gatos in Los Gatos, CA.

 Madi wore my mother's wedding dress that was originally
made by my great grandmother, Emmy, and then Mom and I
reworked it.

 What dapperness!!

So that was my summer in a little tiny nutshell! I hope you enjoyed the photo's!
More from each wedding can be viewed on my facebook page or website!! 
Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for your prayers and support!


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