Personal stories from missionaries Jake and Cayton Heath


Friends, Fairies and Engines!?!

(From Cayton): Jake and I have been up to all kinds of fun in the last month! We celebrated Jake's 34th birthday with our new wonderful friends the Dunkley's and the Coates'. Many laughs were had as we played Apples to Apples, ate delicious steak (thank you Dale) and had some totally addicting bean salsa (thank you Isobel), we also had ice cream cake as well, YUM! These two lovely families have really made us feel welcome and at home and we feel so loved and blessed by their friendship.

(From Jake): Ben (a fellow apprentice) and I, along with Josh (our supervisor) have been diligently working on two the two engines that came from Missionary Flights International's Cessna 310 that we shared about last month. Both engines have been completely disassembled, cleaned, and inspected and are in various stages of reassembly. One has run in the test cell (a room with an engine stand designed to run engines in), and the other is in the final stages of reassembly and will in the cell and run this week! Ben, Josh, Cayton and myself will drive down to Florida to MFI next week (the 27th or so) to take the engines and re-install them on the plane. Well, Cayton won't help with the install but will probably spend time with some of the wives we've made friends with there and hopefully get the a few photos of us working on the plane.   

(From Cayton): I was delighted to help with the "fairy-ing" of an MMS staff wife's house. "Fairy-ing" is when some of the wives get together and bless another wife by doing some chores or leaving some gifts or treats to bless the wife that is being "fairied". This wife was gone in Mexico helping her mother with details and such with her fathers passing. Her name is Mary and she is a true servant to the apprentice wives and has such a heart for what the Lord is doing in and through each of us. I have been totally blessed by her and was excited to participate in this MMS tradition with the ladies!

We were a small group the morning we "fairied" Mary's house. Only three of us could make it out but we had a grande time going to the grocery store and buying some things that we thought Mary would like. We ended up with a card and LOTS of yellow flowers. We also picked up some cookies and hedge hog bread (cutest loaf of bread you ever saw, sorry I didn't get a picture of that) that were lovingly made by other apprentice wives that couldn't make that morning. It felt so good to go and be a blessing to another MMS gal. I really look forward to the next time I get to go "fairy" a house for someone!

...these look more like Mary! (we chose the middle one)

 Deciding on flowers was quite tricky!

All ready to go!

 Me and Evan braking into Mary's! Well, her husband left it unlocked for us. :)

I was in charge of cutting the flowers and putting
them into the vase!! Our finished product lovingly arranged
on Mary's dining room table.

That's it for now! Thanks for checking in on us and 
THANK YOU to all of you who sacrifice for us by pray for us and support us financially!
 We could not do this without you!
Truly, ~Jake and Cayton Heath~

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