Personal stories from missionaries Jake and Cayton Heath


Getting Settled, Getting Started

Hi, Cayton here. I can't believe that we have been here in Ohio for about a two months already! Time has flown by with lots of new things to learn and people to meet! Emotionally we have had our "ups and downs" as adjusting to a new environment isn't easy but we know that we are doing what God wants us to do so that helps us through the rough days.

One exiting thing that I wanted to share is that Jake finished his basic training assessments and now he can work on the projects in the hangar. This past week he has been working on one of the engines for MFI's (Missionary Flights International's) Cessna 310 (photo below). They use this airplane to transport missionary families to and from the Bahamas and also for emergency medical evacuations from Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 

(Missionary Flights Int. Cessna 310 that is used for emergency flights)

Something else I wanted to share was that I was able to get a dog! I've wanted one for a long time now and things just fell into place for me to have her. She is a thirteen month old Miniature Golden-Doodle (1/3 Golden Retriever and 2/3 Poodle). She is smart and fun and super cute and she makes me get outside and take her on walks and play with her.

Here are some photo's that I've taken in the last two months of our time here in Ohio!

 This is my Cloe! Isn't she the cutest dog ever?
These pictures were taken before and after she got groomed.

We felt so warmly welcomed when we got to our house!

I think they we're glad... :)

 Some of the guys from MMS came and helped us unload the truck. Thanks guys!

But then the house looked like this!

My coffee maker didn't fit on the counter because it is to tall! Hmmm.
We had to come up with an alternate plan but we got it worked out!

New license plates! Now we're official!

We quickly found a new church! Praise God!
Jake grew up 20 minutes from Fresno, CA! Now we are 10 minutes from Fresno, OH! 

 Jake's locker at work!

Jake's first day at the hangar included doing inventory with everyone else.

Jake has had a couple chances to have some fun flying his 
remote controlled planes after a day of work at the hangar.
He feels blessed to be able to do it right outside the house.

This is looking out west from our porch!

I started helping at the AWANA program at our church!

The kids get awards for saying verses and completing sections.

They also love game time, especially when they win!

That is it for this installment!
Thank you for your prayers and support and friendship,
we couldn't do it without you!

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  1. Awana game time is a special time indeed. I miss my Sparks! Glad you're getting settled. So cool that Jake is already "under the hood". Is your dog gonna freeze with that groomed look? I also can't believe it's been two months. I will call soon. Miss you both. Always prayin for you.