Personal stories from missionaries Jake and Cayton Heath



Hi friends, Jake here. Cayton and I have been so busy the past month with Cayton doing all the wedding planning and coordination for a friends wedding that was on 11-11-11, followed by a drive out to Ohio that started the next day to look for housing and drop off our car, then a flight back to CA for Thanksgiving in Redding, immediately followed by us packing up our apartment for the big move out to Ohio! Whew...Breath!

So right now our apartment looks like a "Home Depot" moving box advertisement and our garage is mostly full with large crates to keep RC planes safe for the move, bike boxes with our bicycles all packed away, our pictures and paintings all wrapped up and protected, it truly is a orderly one at least! Tomorrow (Friday) we pick up the moving truck, Saturday we load it, and Sunday (Dec. 4th) we leave for Ohio!

Normally moving is something that totally stresses me out. This time hasn't been like that and I can only attribute it to the Lord helping us keep our spirits in check. Both Cayton and I have been really taking this in stride. Yes it will still be hard to leave friends and family, but we are both sure this is the "right move" for us (pun intended). :)

We will be traveling the "southern" route across the country mostly on I-40. This is the route that we drove a few weeks ago in our car and decided we would take it again because we are going to Kingsburg CA to see my family and we have several friends along the route to visit and stay with. Yes, its about 500 miles longer but that's alright, our behinds did it once, they can do it again! 

We want to thank you in advance for your prayers for this time of transition and travel and change in our lives. We also want to thank our friends, family, supporters, and prayer warriors that are making this possible. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!!! We will do our best to keep you posted!

Below are a few photos of our apartment in disarray and our super cute house we're renting in Ohio!
Us in front of our beloved Redding apartment.
Upstairs Mess!

Downstairs Mess! (to the left)
Downstairs Mess! (to the right)

The Garage Mess!
The new homestead in Ohio! A super cute old farm house just out of town
with an extra room for guest's! Hint...Hint... ;)

Thanks again for coming by! ~Jake and Cayton~


  1. I am so excited for you two! Happy to hear the move has arrived! The house in Ohio is very fun. I know that this has been on your hearts for so long and I rejoice that the time has finally come! Praise God!

  2. Your idea of a mess (even an organized one) is definitely embarrassing. You certainly must see my house as a disaster at its best! We are gonna miss you tons. I've got my eye on that guest bedroom, or should I say baby room someday...? Just kiddin. Love and prayers goin your way on the road. Sorry I'm not up there to help you pack this weekend. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!