Personal stories from missionaries Jake and Cayton Heath


Looking Back: A Month of Remembrance

September will always be a month of remembrance for America. Most of you can remember where you were when you heard that the Twin Towers had been attacked and fell. I knew I would never forget that moment and exactly where I was. (If you were wondering where I was I was standing right in front of my mirror putting on mascara... yes, that is the image forever burned into my memory!)

This year September 11th fell on a Sunday and Jake and I were blessed to be able to share at Colony Covenant Church in Kingsburg, CA. We always feel privileged to share how the Lord is leading our lives but to have this opportunity on 9/11 was extra special for Jake and myself. September 11th, is a day that we will always remember as a day that Satan used airplanes for evil, but we got to share about how the Lord uses airplanes for good to save lives and souls for The Kingdom! Isn't God amazing!!! So next year when we are reminded about the attacks of 9-11 just remember that God is using the airplane for His glory too! Amen!

 Sharing at Colony Covenant Church in Kingsburg.

Outside the church. It was pretty inside and outside!

 Jake did a great job sharing!

 There was lots of interest after the service.

There is another date in September that me and my family will never forget. On September 13th, 1989, my twin sister Chelsea went home to be with the Lord. She had battled a rare form of cancer that is usually only seen in adults; she was 5 years old when she went to Heaven. Chelsea was an amazing missionary for the Lord in her short life, sharing what Jesus did with everyone she met. It's because of Chelsea that I came to love the Lord and want to serve Him with my life today!

When Chelsea was in the hospital having a surgery done she would always listen to Salty the Song Book tapes. A couple weeks ago when Jake and I were on the road raising support we were listening to the radio and it was children's hour and they were playing old and new children's music, it was quite amusing so we listened on. The host announced the next song as one from the Salty the Song Book. As the song came on I burst into tears remembering my sweet sister and all that she meant and still means to me to this day. I am determined to carry the gospel forward and tell everyone I meet not only about Jesus but also about my sister Chelsea.

 Some of my favorite pictures of Chelsea:

Can you tell which one is me?

Thank you to so many of you who are praying for us and making our ministry possible by your faithful support.  ~Cayton

NEWSFLASH!!! MMS has invited us to start service with them this December! We are making plans to move shortly after Thanksgiving and we praise God that we have raised about 92% of our monthly pledged support! It really is a miracle to raise support in this economic climate, and we can only attribute that to the Lord's blessing and confirmation of His call on our lives to this ministry.

Thank you again all who pray and support us. ~Jake


  1. Are you in the blue? I really can't tell. Thank you for sharing this, really, a great post. Those of us, like myself, who met you later in your life often forget that you are a twin. What a precious girl and beautiful life. It is truly amazing how God works in tragedy. Love, Terah

  2. Can't wait to see you guys, I am so happy you get to come this way in December and start the next phase of service. It's way exciting!

  3. You and your sister really were identical! I'm guessing you are in the pink? Beautiful story of how God weaves the tapestry of our lives, even when life seems too short. Thank you for sharing your memories and pictures with us.

  4. Thanks for sharing so openly... but, Jake were you there one putting the mascara? Thought as much... now I have that thought seared into my mind.

  5. Cayton is in the Pink! just and FYI :)

  6. Okay, you just posted the answer, but I didn't notice the colors. I was going to guess the girl on the right. I'll go check,

  7. I was right! I'm good!
    It was good to see you on Sunday! Love the blog.