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Happy Holidays!

Well hello again!

I can't believe that another month has gone by already! Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is bearing down upon us. Gifts to buy, presents to wrap, family to see. What a hectic time of year. Some people love it and others can't stand it. I think I fall somewhere in the middle, and I'm sure that Cayton loves this time of year.

I look around and see so many people that have forgotten or ignore what this season is really about. The birth or our Savior! The miraculous virgin birth of Jesus! Just take a minute and think about it... doesn't it blow you away that GOD took the form of a human being? The form of one little part of His creation! He did not appear on this planet as an adult man and start His ministry and then go home. He came into this world (which is His footstool, Issiah 66:1) as a helpless infant baby that needed everything that every other infant needs. What a miracle! Now that is something is worth celebrating, Merry Christmas everyone!

Below are a few pictures and stories of some of our Thanksgiving weekend fun!

 Above and Below: A family that I've been "adopted" into here in Redding has a tradition of going shooting on Thanksgiving morning before the festivities of the day. So I gathered my gear, took some foam and drew for us a Thanksgiving turkey to shoot (well shoot at anyway). I set it at around 70-80 yards out and quite a few people hit it, and the best thing was that we didn't have to clean it afterwards! It is always so much fun with all sorts of guns to share and shoot between us. What a blast! (get it? "blast!" Ha, I crack myself up!)
 Below: This year my parents and sister came up to Redding for Thanksgiving, it was such a treat to have them here. It was their first visit since we got married 2 1/2 years ago. My dad brought some of his RC airplanes to fly and he borrowed a speed gun to clock how fast some of them would go. The weather was cold on Friday but calm and we fliers like calm conditions, it was SO much fun!
My Dad's little 32" wingspan P-51 airplane clocked at just over 75 M.P.H! What a thrill to fly!
 This is my little "Quicky" that I built, the wingspan is 23" and it is kind of a handful to fly but I got it to go 
63-64 M.P.H straight and level flight!
 Cayton's dad Scott came out with two from his fleet. The first two are his. I can't remember how fast the black and white plane went, but did get to fly it and it was really fun to fly.
 My Dad, with a very cute little plane he built from plans called the "All American Backyard Canard." We tried to fly it but the center of gravity was way off and it plowed in after launch. It suffered some damage but has since been repaired and is awaiting its next "first" flight.
Cayton's dad Scott and her cousin Robbie launch Robbie's new rocket! Look at Robbie's face! Classic!

Well everyone, Thank you again for checking out the blog, Thank you for you support and prayer. We wish all a very special Christmas season this year! 
Thanks Again,
~Jason (Jake) Heath~

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