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The State of the Missionary Address (a.k.a. keeping you up to date :)

Well hello again!

Thanks for dropping by, I can't believe we are past the half way point in January! So much for getting a blog done at the beginning of every month (at least that is what I'm shooting for). We had a great Christmas and hope you did as well. For myself Christmas is usually a stress filled time and one that doesn't lend itself well to sharing and support raising, also others are usually busy and appointments a hard to make. But this year was special to me and one that I will remember. For once I did not get stressed out! It is really the first time in quite a few years that I wasn't a basket-case around Christmas time. It was great! Praise God, because He is the only One I could attribute to this.

Funny thing though, we have been sharing, and quite a bit at that! In December and January we shared with folks every weekend from Dec. 11th on up to the 9th of Jan. (excluding Christmas weekend of course). We had last weekend off (Jan. 15th) and some great friends came from out of town for a visit and now we are back at it again this weekend (Jan. 23rd) in Los Gatos! Isn't God good! We feel we are warmly welcomed and accepted everywhere we end up sharing, people seem to come alive and get excited about missionary aviation and relate well to our stories and lives. Please be praying that along with this connection that the Holy Spirit move in those that the He would have on our support team. We are sure that God's timing is accurate and that when He sees fit, He will bring us the rest of our support need.

Right now I believe we are hovering at around 60% support, plus or minus. This is encouraging, remember this is a "down economy" and before we started all this "missionary stuff" I was thinking I would let the economic woes blow over, but a missionary friend challenged me and asked me "Why? Isn't God the One who is calling you? Isn't He the One that "owns the cattle on a thousand hills," and isn't He the One that is going to be moving in those that will be providing for you?" Convicted by his words I agreed with him and realized that I was trusting in our economy more than God. In my mind it was like God needed the U.S. to be booming again to send us to the mission field. So I put my faith back where it should be (in God alone) and that is when we started our journey with MMS and missions. I continue to pray for our country, and hope you do to, I pray more for a spiritual revival than I do for our economic revival. For the former has far greater dividends than the latter and I feel the former will lead to the latter.

I hope you enjoyed. I realize this one is a little longer than normal.
Thank You Always,
Jake Heath

The following are a few photos from the past two months with brief descriptions of each: 

 We shared at this cute little Church in Loleta, CA. When was the last time you went to a church with a real bell in the bell-tower? I wanted to ring it and call the town to worship!

 Us in front of the Loleta Community Church building.

 Us and the tripod out on a photo-shoot for our new years card. We really were in front of Shasta Dam, but doesn't it look like a backdrop though?

This one was the winner and became our New Years card photo.

 Our friends Kristal and Steve in the back and Andy on the far left came and visited last weekend (our first weekend home since Christmas). It was a great weekend with a round of disk golf and a trip out to Wiskeytown Lake, it all made for a perfect Saturday.

 Kristal with Cayton

Steve, Andy, and myself (from left to right) - What a good look'n group of guys!

 We came across this huge lump of lady bugs while at Whiskeytown, I know they are more than likely making more lady bugs, so it seems these guys are having a good Saturday too.

 What would a Heath blog be without a picture of an airplane! :) This one took on-and-off about a year to finish, because I don't have much time to play in the garage to work on RC planes. But it does fly and pretty good! And I think it looks really cool too!

It is a Republic P-47D, a fighter from WWII with my own paint scheme and name.

The JLH on the side are my initials, the yellow numbers on the vertical tail are my hometown zip code, and it bears the name "California Boy" on the side. :)
That's it for now!
Thanks again for stopping by!

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  1. Yay! I can't believe that you actually got a good picture of all 5 of us (no thanks to Steve)! Saturday was such a perfect day...thanks for a great time. I love that you posted the lady-bugs too...too funny!! =)