Personal stories from missionaries Jake and Cayton Heath


Introducing MMS Aviation

Hello all. We got accepted to MMS (Missionary Maintenance Services) Aviation. They are an aviation job shop that works on mission aircraft without charging for labor. They will take me as an apprentice and after two and a half years I will qualify to take the FAA exams for Airframe and Power-plant (the FAA certificate to work on aircraft). The reason they don't have to charge labor to mission organizations is because Cayton and I will be self supported missionaries there. MMS is not a school, they are a working job shop that works on all sorts of aircraft, doing everything from annual inspections to major airframe and engine overhauls, whatever needs to be done! We are very excited and look forward to being able to head out to Ohio (MMS home) when the Lord permits. Right now we are doing our deputation i.e. building our support base. We thank those of you who have taken an interest in us and our ministry. We are planning on using this blog more as a pictorial outlet for us and our ministry. So here is the first round of pictures. Thanks again for coming by, we really appreciate it. ~Jake~

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