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Flat Stanley

Yup those are California Poppies! A whole ton of them.

The other day we got a letter from the some missionary friends of ours (actually from their kids) and when we opened it we found it was a Flat Stanley thing they were doing ( You mail this little paper guy to your friends and they take them with him for a short time and journal what he did while he was with you send it on. I think they are just doing it on their own, and mailing it to there firends, but I don't know. Well the next day I was going on a motorcycle ride with some friends and thought that would be a fun adventure for Flat Stanley. I wanted to do more than just the journal entry for our friends kids so I took the camera along with. But Stanley needed some stuff before he could go riding. He definitely needed a helmet and also a motorcycle if he was to come with us. Luckily my friend Brian had a old motorcycle magazine that we used to find some "flat gear" for Stanley so we could take him along.

Here he is with all his gear and ready to go!

Stanley is a good rider too, he didn't even fall once! And look at his crazy tricks, no-hands no-feet crazy death jumps. I wouldn't even think of such a thing.

Flat Stanley, you can come riding with me anytime! Rock on Flat Stanley!

We all had a fun day, at least forty miles of dirt, no cars, no pavement, just the beautiful out-doors, the dust in our faces, the sounds of our motorbikes and a day spent with couple buddies. What could be better really?

Signing off
Jake Heath

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  1. Flat Stanley's not going to want to come back to FL! You weren't supposed to spoil him!!

    The boys loved the pictures - and wish they could've been on the motorbike too!