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We Plea the Fifth!

Cayton and I committed to plea the fifth! Well, the fifth commandment that is, “Honor your father and your mother, as the LORD your God has commanded you, that your days may be prolonged and that it may go well with you on the land which the LORD your God gives youDeuteronomy 5:16 (NASB). Each of our parents have been going through hard times and struggles this summer. Cayton’s dad lost his job and they are trying to figure out what is next for them as a family as he searches for work, it may cost them there house, but only time will tell. They know that wherever they live here on this earth is only a temporary dwelling and that it is where they live in eternity that really matters. It has really been a trial and we are glad that we live in the same town with them so that we can spend time together and be an encouragement.

Amongst the stuff we found some great treasures too!
Also this summer my dad’s knee gave out and he had to go on disability for a couple of months. He has had surgery on it and is back to work now, though he still has some pain, but he is glad that he can be productive again with his time and bring home a paycheck. Cayton and I were blessed to be able to help them in various ways, one of which was helping them go through the garage. This was a HUGE task, when we started the farthest you could walk into the garage was only two or three steps. But two very hot and long days later we had the upper hand and had everything sorted (see photo, page 1). We hauled off a couple pickup load of stuff. We separated an area for “yard sale” stuff, that produced some much needed funds for them, and what didn’t sell went to the local goodwill. We also had another area for antiques to sell that they inherited when my great-aunt passed away over ten years ago. Cayton has been teaching my mom how to find out what a particular item is worth and is helping her start her own store on as well. Her website address is so check it out if you like neat old stuff. Though there is lots more work to do with getting things listed, mom has been a trooper and keeps working at it. Cayton and I are very glad that we have been here in CA this summer to be there for both of our parents as they go through these rough times.

Jake and Cayton with Jake's parents and sister in the cleaned out garage.
Thanks for checking in, I hope you are encouraged!

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