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All in God's Time

Normally I (Jake) write the blog but Cayton and I came to the realization that she didn't have a voice in sharing our lives and ministry with you. So we will probably be sharing the blog writing from here on out. This May has been our first month of full-time support raising and sharing of our ministry and we just got back from a two week trip to my hometown of Kingsburg, CA where we connected with old friends and some current supporters. It was a good trip with a couple, God ordained (not planned), meetings. We had a wonderful time and visited with some great people. It is nice though, to be back home getting caught up with all the "life" stuff that keeps us busy.

We just celebrated our third wedding anniversary two days after getting home and had a nice lunch date and spent most of the day around the apartment. We normally try to go out of town for our anniversary but since we just got back it was nice to just be at home and watch an afternoon movie on the couch.

from Cayton:
During the deputation (support raising) phase of our journey it can get really hard sometimes to stay energized and focused on the task at hand, sharing our ministry. Jake and I can sometimes find ourselves getting discouraged or wondering why we aren't out serving on the field already! During those times the Lord graciously reminds us that it is not about when we get there, but about how we can still serve Him here in Redding, CA. God really spoke to me about this recently when I got to have a unique experience with my family that I wouldn't have had if we were already in Ohio.

Last month I got the privilege of helping my sister Madison backstage for the musical "The Sound of Music" that was put on in Redding by "The Dance Project." She played the roll of Leisel the oldest daughter of the Von Trapp family. I would stand off stage and help Madi with her quick changes during the show and also helped fix her hair and makeup before the show started. I ran back and forth carrying costumes, water, and making sure she had her pitch pipe. One of my favorite parts of the entire thing was this one super quick change where all of the Von Trapp children had to change in about 30 seconds and the only place that could fit all of the characters was a steep stairwell right off stage. It was madness, dresses and hair bows flying everywhere! Besides the adrenaline rush that the quick changes brought on I got to spend the time with my entire family. My mom, dad, and other sister Sydney all did hair and makeup and were back stage as well. It was a fantastic bonding experience with my whole family that I wouldn't have missed for anything in the world! Even writing about it makes me want to cry and well up just a bit!
                          Thanks for coming by, hope you enjoyed!    ~Cayton
Here are some photo's that Cayton wanted to share from the play.
Cayton with her sister Madison

Curling Madi's hair extensions.

Having way to much fun backstage.

All the Von Trapp sisters
Here are some other photo's that Jake thought you might enjoy.
  Me and my dad (Roger) in front of our old J.A.P. Speedway bike that 
Roger built in the late 70's. It was sold to the Dan Rouit Flat Track Museum in Clovis, CA
two years ago and sits on the top shelf and is the prettiest of Dan's
short track "Speedway Bike" collection. 

Some of you may remember this artwork from the old disco movie
"Saturday Night Fever," Roger hand painted this logo on the back 
fender of the J.A.P. since most races were on Saturday nights, this is not a sticker!

 Merry Christmas to me! My dad built him this little 
remote controlled model of a P-51 named Strega, a Reno Air Race Champion.
This little model should push 80 m.p.h. once trimmed and propped correctly!

 My all foam F-22 I built last year, enjoying a pretty sky in 
Atascadero, CA while we were visiting an old pastor friend. 

Almost looks real, doesn't it! 

                                                                 Thank You again! 
                                                                                                               ~The Heath's

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